terça-feira, 4 de outubro de 2011

Fine arts museum

Today Thay, Jun and I went to the fine arts museum to see the "new" gallery about brazilian art from the XVII to XIX century (unfortunately no pictures allowed ;_;).  For our surprise, there was a Rio, the movie, exhibition! 

I wore the first coordinate from last post. Thanks weather!
The pic is funny , hahah Blu and Raphael behind me.

Jsk-Innocent World
Bag and shoes-Baby

And the accessories:

Animal rings-H&M
Blue flower necklaces-Claire's

I hat to take this pic! This is so loli XD

Me, Blu and Thay lol. Seems that blu is almost huging Thay's waist

Since is sunday, downtown is desert and the good restaurants are closed, we had to go to a bar to have a snack, a not loli snack at all XD
We had fun :D 
A guy called us, I guess, by shouting "SNOW WHITE!!!", and the taxi guy was like "oh hey! where's the wedding? Ah, no wedding? So where's the party? No party? o_O Ahh, so you girls work at the Municipal Theater??" lol

Jun and I in front of the Municipal Theater

Thanks for looking :D

7 comentários:

  1. Hello dress twin: Seems like you had fun and that's what matters. <3

  2. Hello, Haku! Não estou conseguindo te seguir no google friends, mas te botei no blogroll!

  3. Isso tb ta acontecendo comigo em alguns blogs, nã consigo seguir o_o

  4. Hoje eu consegui! :D E não é deprimente quando você vai nas coisas mais lindas e não pode tirar fotos? Sofri na exposição do Titanic...

  5. pooo demais!!
    tanto quadro lindo que eu tava louca pra puxar o celular e tirar discretamente...

  6. :D Que lindo o outfit!!!
    Blu muito pimp.