terça-feira, 18 de outubro de 2011

Gothic for Museum of modern art

On sunday I went to the "giant spider" exhibition today with Akito and Jun. The exhibition was crazy...because wasn't about the spider at all, a lot of WTF sculptures...didn't like much :/ but we had fun mocking everything around! Modern art isn't for me...at all! But the spider sculpture was cool.
To the pics!!!

Op-Moi même moitié
Cardigan-Romeo et juliette couture
Bag and headpiece-Alice and the pirates
Headbow with flower-H&M
Tights-from ebay

The accessories:

Skull rings-Alexander McQueen
Fleur de lis ring-Guess
Cross necklace-Claire's
Ring with stones-Offbrand
Chocker-From my mom

My pretty ladies :3

The giant "Maman"

I had fun! I missed Kiki a lot <3 was great seeing you again, my dear!

Next post I'll write the Lolita Challenge days I missed >_<

11 comentários:

  1. ESSES ACESSÓRIOS *_______* lindo outfit, essa print é maravilhosa <3

  2. Obrigada Keka ^^
    estou realmente apaixonada por ela <3

  3. I miss you too, so, so much ;_;
    You and Jun have the power to make me smile even at my most depressed. I love you, girls. You're the reason I still wear lolita.

  4. I love your outfit dear, you're perfect in gothic! I hope to twin with you in future :D!

    ( the idea of "giant spider" exhibition is cool, but I don't like spiders and modern art D:)

  5. I love the giant spider photo, it totally suits the outfit as well. Love your hair! and the headdress, dress and bag. They're all incredible pieces.

  6. Que anéis grandes e caros e mágicos! Adorei o outfit como um todo! [arte moderna, no me gusta either D:]

  7. Akito- <3 p sempre no meu coração *gay*

    Hyrule- Thanks!!! *-* I hope it too!!! Me too, I hate spiders ;__;

    Redtonic-Thanks <3 I was waiting for this meeting to wear the planed outfit ^^

    Carolina- AMcQueen <3 viva as datas importantes ao longo dos anos! rs Obrigada :3
    Arte moderna é mt WTF, sério...

  8. Chique né, amiga? haha
    outro nível !!!
    Esse vestido do manão é divoso DEMAIS! Vi uma saia em branco, quase pendi para o lado Mana da força, mas estou contida esse mês!

  9. Pix quase se rendendo ao Mana!!! Queria ver vc vestida de gothic, quem sabe hein?? hehe

  10. I love the OP!<3 Hope to obtain it one day!

  11. It's a really gorgeous piece! I am with my fingers crossed for you! ^^