quinta-feira, 6 de outubro de 2011

Municipal Theater

Yesterday I went to the municipal theater for a guided visit with two friends. I have been there only once, before the restauration. It's amazing there!! I can't wait to go again, this time for a Ballet or an Opéra.

Skirt-Innocent World
Bag and shoes-Baby

The Theater:

The paintings around the stage

The huge chandelier


The main entrance with the marble stairs


Some paintings


The beautiful stained glasses


After the visit  we went to Colombo for the afternoon tea.

4 comentários:

  1. The theater looks so great *_* It reminds me of movie settings (like Phantom of the Opera *_*)...so beautiful <3 And your Outfit is really pretty as well ^.^

  2. Thanks!
    Yeah!! The theater is really amazing! I would love to see a phantom of the opera play there, or an adaptation because the stage isn't big as the broadways theaters XD

  3. The theater is so gorgeous! Love it! I really like your outfit too, you always look perfect in everything! ♥♥♥

  4. Thank you so much for your kind words ♥
    If you one day come here, we will do a historical tour!!