domingo, 29 de janeiro de 2012

Stained Glass

Yesterday Jun and I went to the exhibition about India. I am not very fond of their culture but I admit it was cool. The costume is beautiful, also their pattern work.

As usual, now, I try to coordinate the look days before the meeting

This is what I wore:

I adore this print!!! <3 The dress shape is perfect too! *-*

On the way /o/

Classic outfit shoot

Op and bag-Baby the stars shine bright
Shoes-Melissa (the wizard of Oz design)

Bow bangle-Claire's
Charm bracelet and cross ring-Guess
Cameo like ring-offbrand
Charm and flower bracelets-Claire's
Cameo ring-F21
Heart ring-Guess

Tights detail:

Some pics from the exhibition



Weapons and protections

Indian God and a Tuk Tuk car!

Me and Jun!

After CCBB (the cultural center) we went to Maison France-Brésil to see if they had a nice exhibition but just modern art, what I really don't like and don't understand XD So we just sat there, talked and took more pics!


Thanks for reading, hope you all have a nice week :3

8 comentários:

  1. Lindo outfit. A terceira foto está ótima ^^

  2. Já tinha falado no facebook, mas repito aqui: esse coordinate ficou lindissimo, muito elegante! <3

  3. Adoro, aquela foto nº3 é das mais bonitas que tem!

  4. You look absolutely gorgeous dear! I love this outfit ♥