sábado, 4 de fevereiro de 2012

Gifts and purchases


My aunt came visit us and brought me some presents ;D

1) Shoes

I really like the design and the heel. It's bigger than my size, but since was the last one and for a good price she bought. I can put something inside to make it smaller ^^


The Paul Smith scarf we bought for her in Paris, at first she liked it, well, that was what she said but she never wore. I asked her why she wasn't wearing it these past months and the truth was told. She gave it to me :DI like to wear scarfs around the waist like a belt, on the bag to decorate, neck of course and around the hat making a knot or bow.


Last time she came, she was wearing a leather bracelet with silver studs I really liked and asked if she could buy one for me, she couldn't find the same she had but got me these instead <3 


1) Dress
Today I went to Zara and bought this gorgeous dress with navy lace


My Vivienne Westwood Heart Bag arrived this week :3
It's gorgeous!!! *-* I am in love! I saw it 2 years ago in London but decided to buy the orb, so I had to let the bag go, but now it's mine muahahaha

8 comentários:

  1. Que maravilhoso esse vestido da zara :O <3

    1. lindo ne?? Tem um com a saia mais reta e mangas longas, com a mesma renda, divino tb.

  2. Esse vestido da zara é lindo! Amei! E essa bolsa... oh god, me coração palpitou forte! rsrsrsrs!


    1. A nova coleção da TRF da Zara ta muito boa :O
      heheh a bolsa era um sonho <3

  3. Gorgeous purchases dear! I want your new bag ahah :D it's too beautiful!

    1. Thanks! <3
      It's always good receive presents and spending a bit XD
      The bag was a dream! *-*

    2. WOW the dress is stunning ♥
      And I love lepoard Print I DO need it.
      I just bought leopard print for sewing some acessorize!
      (J'espère te revoir!!! bisouuus)

    3. Isn't it??
      Wanna see what you are going to make!!! <3
      Moi aussi!! J'espère retourner à Paris bientôt ;___;