domingo, 19 de fevereiro de 2012

Scent of Rapunzel

Finally !!!

Today I went to the post to pay the custom fee and finally put my hands on this!
I discovered WHY the dress came and had to go back to UK since the address was wrong and the cause was: TERRIBLE HAND WRITING. First of all she wrote my name as Ana Carolina Gongales Paddha...oh wait! That's not me! I am GONÇALVES PADILHA LOL. Second: the address is 100/208B, when she wrote "1" and "/" both where the same! So the guy saw 1001, a number that doesn't exist here. (ok, the guy was stupid and could try the 100, but no Ana Paddha!)
Then she received the dress, wrote a lower value (because at first was 250 pounds...) like 30 pounds. This time custom decided to tax it! Yay great u_u so I had to pay 50 reais (or 30 usd). I can't understand their logic! My closet child time of the roses was declared as 1,000 yen and they asked me 103 reais (70 usd?)ARFF. But I am glad with the jsk!! Is gorgeous!!!

Now I am buying things that can match with those I already have. This jsk goes with black, white and bordeaux.
I am waiting for a white, bordeaux and brown pair of shoes.

I also went to the mall and found this "fur" vest at a local store, called Renner

4 comentários:

  1. OHHH! Renner se rendendo a tendências morizentas haha! gostei! mas não faz muito meu estilo! tinha branco?
    Scent é lindo <3 as prints com contos de fadas são minhas favoritas, deveria investir mais nelas e deixar um pouco de lado as frutas e unicórnios lol!

    1. não tinha branco :/ buuuuu. Se tivesse em preto eu tb compraria XD

      mas vc fica tão bem de frutas e unicórnios!! <3 Invista tb!!hehehe

  2. I have this exact dress in black, it's magical isn't it (: (: I'm glad you finally got it after the ordeal^^ hope you enjoy coordinating it! <3

  3. Thanks!
    This print is really gorgeous! I was in doubt between black, blue and green XD but the blue came first so it was he chosen one lol