domingo, 11 de março de 2012

Elegant Gothic for CCBB expos

Today I went to the Campana Brother's and Tarsila do Amaral exhibitions at CCBB, with Thay and Jun.
Both were really nice. Unfortunately no pics allowed. I saw the famous animal plush chair made by the Campana Brothers, you want to sit there! FLUFFY!
Tarsila's one was small, but you could see most of her art. The "abaporu" wasn't there ;___; because it's at Argentine...buuuu :P
We met a crazy lady that is art history and fashion teacher, and BJD collector o_o She was nice! She want us to do a performance at the university she give classes XD

What I wore

Jsk:Alice and the Pirates
Bag:Vivienne Westwood


Bow bracelet:H&M
Gold heart bracelet:Juicy Couture
White and gold studs:Charlotte Russe
Flower bracelet:Claire's
Flower and studs rings:Claire's
Skulls ring:Alexander McQueen


Makeup...or I tried to. The light wasn't helping and instagram made it look brighter lol

8 comentários:

  1. Linda! não foi hj que twinnamos haha! Mas ainda vamos, e muito como nos velhos tempos! Gostei muito da sua make mais "adulta", combinou bem ~

  2. Ficou elegantíssimo, Haku.
    Lindo, lindo, lindo e... muito lindo!

  3. Muito elegante. O batom escuro deu um toque especial e combinou perfeitamente com as rosas da print.

    1. yaaay <3
      não costumo usar batom escuro, me acho esquisita :/ mas até que foi ne XD

  4. You are fabolous dear! All the details of this outfit are amazing!