sexta-feira, 18 de maio de 2012

Classic roses

Yesterday Pix took me to a new café near her house. It's called "As", like the card symbol.
The place is very nice! Good food and price, the decoration is related to card game and it's symbols, like the joker, spaces, diamonds… Very cool!



I ate a turkey wrap with lemon sauce and for desert a Dulce de leite flute, it was light! haha


What I wore:

Bolero:Alice and the Pirates
Jsk:Mary Magdalene
Bag:Louis Vuitton (Thanks mom ♥)
Shoes:BTSSB Replica

All accessories from F21

Before leaving home pics:

After eating, we went to the bookshop to give a look. Everybody was staring at us, asking if it was a dance or something. The seller came talk to us, told we look cute and told us "You are like the girls from that book", he was talking about the Taschen book "Gothic & lolita", from Aoki. He also said he wanted to go work dressed in a punish or gothic-ish outfit. He was nice, and cute lol

Then we went to Pix's house watch a movie, about Tolstoy's life, "The last station", was very nice!

Amused lolitas! Best pic ever XD

And we took some more pics. Pix was wearing her new Innocent World dress. I love this print, she looks so cute! She should do more classic look :D

That's all! Thank you Pix for the evening. I love it :3
Lolita Fashion makes me feel so good! I love getting dressed, I love going out with my friends. Thanks you~

16 comentários:

  1. I love your outfit ^^ So princessy!

    1. Yay! Glad you like it. Kinda retro princess, isn't it? hehe

  2. own que lindas! amei teu outfit e o da pix.
    Tu tava tao elegante como sempre,adorei o vestido vestiu super bem.
    E vocês no sofá muito cute eheheh
    xoxo amadona!

    1. obrigada Luly <3
      haha a foto do sofá XD adorei.
      A Pix tava linda! adoro qd ela usa classic <3

  3. Que lugar interessante! Sou fã de Alice e fico doida com locais enfeitados com naipes, sem contar que parece ter guloseimas deliciosas.

    Adorei do contraste de preto com branco, este vestido é lindo!

    1. Adorei o lugar! Tem bem pouco tempo que abriu, a comida é boa, tem bastante doce e não é caro, então melhor ainda! rs

      O vestido é puro amor, super confortável...ou ficou confortável depois que eu emagreci um pouco...mas adoro ele <3

  4. Lindo o coordinate! E você ficou tão bonita com essa peruca :3

    1. Obrigada!!!
      Essa peruca tem uma cor bonita tb, saiu meio escura na foto mas é um castanho médio.

  5. You both look gorgeous! The location is amazing, I really love the pictures and the food looked so yummy!

    1. Thank you <3
      the food was yummy! And the light desert didn't taste light haha what was good! eating without guilt lol

  6. I love everything, the coordinates, the food and the place looks really modern and funky. I'm glad you guys had fun!

    1. Thanks again, dear :3 Means a lot coming from you :*

  7. You and ur friend look so cute!!!Love ur shoes ^^

  8. Thank you!
    The shoes are a Baby replica~ bought from Loli loli paradise on FB ^^