quinta-feira, 28 de junho de 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

SO, yesterday was my birthday, I am 24 now...getting old! I decided to wear lolita to celebrate, usually on my birthdays, my mood isn't the best. I think this was the first time I got dressed to celebrate the day. I tried something more casual but mixed with classic. No wig...this is my natural hair, NO BANGS! :O

Jsk:Innocent World
Bag:Urban outfiters

Shoes:Miz Mooz
Flowers:Hand made

Accessories:F21 and Claire's

Family pictures before leaving home.This is my mom, everybody thinks we look like, what makes me really happy! Also, some people ask if she is my sister lol
My dad has good genetics too :3



Since I am on a diet and didn't want to buy a whole cake or bake one, we went to Cake & co., a very nice place I have been 2 times. 

I asked for a piece of nuts pavê cake and shared it with mom. It was really tasty <3

Then, we went to my grandparents house. We visited then and my cousin with our other one (who lives in Recife and is here to visit the family) bought a cake and some other "party food".The cake! Nuts again! HAHAH Was a surprise and I love nuts!

While at my grandparents house, I received an email telling my J&J parcels were on the way home. I couldn't believe since I had no more faith on post office for several reasons! I would never imagine they would be here on my birthday! Couldn't be better!

Chibi_tenshi is a great SS, she is very professional and a nice lovely person. Look the sticker ;___; so pretty!!!

I almost cried ;___; 
Amour d'amants: The print is perfect, the fabric is perfect!!!
Le baiser de l'ange: The fabric is so light and smooth o_o 

The only problem was...I ordered both of them in February...that time I was 8 kilos fatter~ Both dresses are size 2 and now I am size 1 LOL Would never imagine I was going to loose so many weight~
Amour d'amants is HUGE on me, today I took it to the seamstress to make some bust adjusts. Le baiser de l'ange isn't THAT big, but if the tailoring is well made, I am going to take this one too. At least it has the ties to make smaller.

I also asked for some Chocomint goodies:
1)Pearl + crown chocker to match my bracelet;
2)Flower rings;
3)Cameo ring.


And I couldn't hold myself and already planned a coordinate with Le baiser de l'ange. This is just the base. SO MANY OPTIONS I CAN'T CHOSE ONE TO WEAR! Gonna wear it EVERYDAY ;___;
Sorry my excitement...this is my first J&J piece! Ok...pieces XD

13 comentários:

  1. Que demais, parece que o correio adivinhou que era seu aniversário! rsrs!
    Menina como você perdeu 8 quilos tão rápido? Eu só estou ganhando ultimamente!
    Que mesa apetitosa essa da casa dos seus avós... nhamnham (viu por que eu só engordo rsrsrsr)!!
    Adorei o outfit, e arrasa o JetJ!!!


    1. Depois de ter xingado eles horrores, agora merecem um crédito de pontualidade!

      Perdi fazendo dieta dos vigilantes, correndo 8km todo dia e fazendo musculação duas vezes por semana o_o

      Casa dos avós é sempre sinônimo de comida XD

      beijos <3

  2. You are so lucky! These dresses look gorgeos!!

    1. They are! *-* Totally in love!!! I had never touched a J&J before lol

  3. own que lindo teu niver!!! *-* e que vestidos maravilhosos!
    Muito simpaticos teus pais,parece ter sido um dia ótimo ♡
    parabéns de novo amada! Tudo de bom pra ti  (○⌒ω ⌒○)

    1. Muito obrigada pelos parabéns :3
      Estou in love com os vestidos!

      Meus pais <3

  4. happy birthday!!!I love ur two new dresses <3

    1. Thank you for the wish! ^^
      They are so perfect, I am in love!

  5. Parabéns!

    Que aniversário mais feliz, em? Repleto de coisas gostosas e presentes lindos XD

    1. Obrigada pelos parabéns ^^
      Não é? Foi uma sorte tremenda! Depois de ter xingado horrores os correios...Agora eles merecem um crédito!

  6. Oo what an awesome bday! Looks like you had a good time! Those JetJ dresses @_@ I really like your natural hairstyle in the first coordinate too!

    1. Thank you! I used to hate my hair~ I just miss a fringe, but since my hair is curly, I would have to straight it everyday as I used to...no more patience for this XD
      I am so happy with my gifts! <3

    2. Ahh curly hair is the best!! Mine used to be super curly but then went straight as I grew up ;;