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Lolita Inspiration- Lolitas around the world

Hello dears!
First of all I want to thanks all the lovely girls who added me to their "Inspiration list". I am flattered! You are adorable! *virtual hugs for you*

It took a while to organize my list but here it is! All these girls are an inspiration for me. I think there are more, but they were the ones I could remember now.

I think more inspirational than pretty outfits, is her attitude that's admirable. Besides lolita, the boystyle outfits are great. And seems to be a very nice person ^^

I like how she mixes daily pieces with lolita, turning it rocker and daily. Also, all styles suit her! :D

She is a great classic lolita! I like how she does casual too, both giving her own style touch. Too bad she doesn't post very often on LJ (personal and daily_lolita) nor has a tumblr, but I try to follow her.

I think she is very cute. I like her clean, simple (but still pretty) outfits.

Jo and her classic and gothic outfits, with many details. She is always with a headpiece (I love headpieces!), the make up is very well done too, always matching the outfit. Besides all of this, she seems to be a nice person.

Not only the lolita outfits are an inspiration but the daily outfits too! She is always adding bright colors or pastel colors mixing with black, turning the outfit so cool. Also is a lovely girl!


What I like about Amanda (She is a brazilian lolita) are the casual outfits in a very elegant way, no wigs or elaborated hair and still looks great. And her wardrobe is amazing! So many beautiful prints.

Xylia's outfits are great! All styles suit her so well I can't believe! I specially LOVE her classic outfits, how she coordinate colors (deep blue with wine or light green, the red boots on the pic...) and they have a je ne sais quoi that I like, kinda vintage. 

She is my best friend and had to be here! I watched all her loli-pokemon-evolution lol Just love how she adds a different color to the whole outfit without making it look weird, like the bag on the pic. She wears sweet in a classic way, her make up is always very well done and the hair too.


Another great friend of mine that had to be here. She is a perfect sweet lolita. I like how she wears it cause isn't OTT, it's cute, discret, pretty and still elegant.

Octavekitten's outfits always have her personal touch, she always wears a belt with the dresses, boots or sandals.  And her tattoos with lolita are so cool!

Herajika's classic outfits are just fabulous! I love the vintage, I love the details and color mix. She is always an inspiration.


Nekocybie is a french lolita I talk to. She is lovely and wears lolita everyday to go to work.

Julie's outfits are great too! I love the way she wears printed dress with printed tights and always matching! Also she cares about accessories, matching them.

Almost forgot her D: She is a livejournal user too. I like her lolita style a lot, simplicity and elegance.

** I think you all spotted some words: elegance/elegant, simple/simplicity, mix/coordinate, vintage/own style, these are my inspiration words**

Thanks for looking
Have a nice weekend \o/

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  1. A smilyiris é tão fofa <33 Adorava ver os outs dela com aquele ar otome/cute kei/fairy, agora então de ouji ela ta tãooooo perfeita ;AAAA;

  2. *Virtual hugs for you too!* Thankyou for the kind words :3

    Also there are a few names up there that I don't recognise! They look amazing!

  3. You deserve! :)

    Some of them don't post on daily_lolita or don't have a tumblr/blog account.

  4. Ah, seguimos algumas parecidas até, acho que simplicidade, elegância e o toque pessoal três coisas bem importantes mesmo e que se vale considerar. (Acredito que você consegue usá-los bem também btw) ^^

  5. Yay! Gostos parecidos <3
    E obrigada ^^~

  6. Oh dear, I never expected to be in this list. Thank you so much for including me, it means alot ♥ I feel honoured! But I also want to say that I'm a (ftm) guy ^^

    1. I am sorry >_< I am still a bit confused with terms and how to call ;___; I need to read more about! Sorry :(

    2. It's ok though! I can understand that it's a bit confusing!

  7. thank you so so much dear ♥♥♥ ç_ç you're too kind!!

  8. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  9. Heheh, you and I both have similar inspirational pictures saved. XD I'm aiming for something similar to the top one and seventh one myself!

    1. Lol for the same pictures!
      And cool! :D you like more casual outfits, don't you?