terça-feira, 24 de julho de 2012

New arrivals~

The delivery system is being pretty gentil these past few days.
I received my Lovely Fashion shoes (they took basically 2 months to be here cause I ordered the super cheapest method...)

They are comfortable but a bit big for my feet~ Need to buy something to put inside.

And today I got my Grimoire of the moonlight forest Skirt and a pair of tights and socks with angels from Loli Loli Paradise

The print isn't bright as the stock pics, the fabric is cotton and the corset area is really structured (like Vampire Requiem's jsk and probably the corset skirt)

5 comentários:

  1. que saia LINDA!! e essas meias tbm <3

  2. eu adorei a saia!! estava com medo de me arrepender pq foi mt no impulso .__.
    quero usar as meias com o stained glass <3

  3. waaa i want those tights! I cannot find them anywhere, lucky lady! :D

  4. I love them! The print of the dress is amazing *_*

  5. Such beautiful purchases, I can't wait to see them all worn <3