terça-feira, 17 de julho de 2012

Purchases and daily outfits

This is gonna be a very useless post~

These past few days I received some parcels! YAY!

Frilly pink offbrand blouse
Purchased from Harlyharlekin.
Is a very beautiful blouse! 

Today I got my two HMHM taobao blouses.
They are well made. The only problem is the black button I didn't like much but I can fix this problem. Also they fit very well.

Bought two art books. Also ordered the third one (Baroque and rococo) cause it was sold out.

After waiting 2 months I received the Rilakkuma Iphone case! Super cute :3

Also would like to share my past outfits~ 
I am trying to take pics but since I don't have a full body mirror, I must go down and use the hall mirror lol with instagram effect~

July 13th

Hoodie:Christian Audigier
Bag: H&M
Pants: Levis

July 14th

Dress:Urban Outfiters
Boots:Dr. Martens

July 15th

Scarf and tights:H&M

July 16th

Forgot to take a mirror shoot, so here's the "dead body shoot". I love this bag <3

Dress:Betsey Johnson
Bag:Urban Expressions
Hat and rain boots: Charlotte Russe

July 17th

Dress:Maria Filó

6 comentários:

  1. Love your new purchases! I like all of your casual outfits <3!

  2. Thank you! ^^~
    I am happy with my purchases!
    And for the outfits, Thank you weather for being cold!

  3. Such nice purchases! I love your Rilakkuma case, I also want one for my BB but it's so hard to find!

    Your looks are all super pretty, I love your style and sense of fashion.

    1. Thank you!So do you! Always so elegant <3
      Cases for BB are hard to find :/ specially with pattern. Here I can only find the rubber/silicon ones ...

  4. Your casual outfits are cute! Love the first jacket! I want your art books!!

  5. Thanks! I love ed hardy/christian audigier designs <3