sábado, 18 de agosto de 2012

Matohu lecture and new purchase

Yesterday Pix and I went to a Fashion lecture with the Matohu designers Hiroyuki Horihata and Mariko Sekiguchi. It was an event organized by the japanese consulate.
Matohu is a pretty nice brand. I assume I had no idea about them and searched a bit and studied their work. All collections (10 in total) are based on japanese culture, what I think is amazing and countries should do this sometimes. Kimono, kabuki, color scheme, flowers, painting techniques...EVERYTHING is about their culture!

Since it was about japan, nothing better than lolita!

Blouse:Checklist (local brand)
Bag:Steve Madden
Socks:Innocent World
Shoes:Lovely Fashion

Accessories: Chocomint and Claire's

Tried to show the flowers~

After the lecture, we were able (at least a few of us cause they needed to hurry to a private talk with TV and stuff I guess...) to take pictures. The new consul (YEAH! I am the consul's BFF lol not~ But I know her assistent so I have some privileges...) introduced me as "Ana, the harajuku girl", and they said "Ahh lolita! Kawaii ^^"
They are very nice!

Two looks. I really like both! The second is a "must be in all collections" piece, they only change the pattern design.

And an Instagram Pic...mandatory!

I decided to focus on my wish list~
I regret so much not buying the Grazia Crown jsk when it was on sale I kept searching it, but couldn't decide the color...Yesterday I made posts on sales communities and today I saw someone selling it!
Is the high waist jsk (as shown below pic) but in black. I was trying to avoid black, but I just can't!

This will look great with my Melissa Crown Slippers, the crown accessories...*-* Now need socks! Better, tights~

Oh my wallet~

Thanks for looking and have a nice weekend ^^

6 comentários:

  1. You look gorgeous dear! I love this outfit with so many red details <3 I also love your new dress,I can't wait to see you with it!

    1. Thank you! I am glad you like, I am in doubt on this skirt ;__; don't know if I like it soooo much...I may try again with more red~ or a bonnet!! *-*

      Hope it arrives soon!

  2. Novamente, você fica ótima com itens vermelhos XD

    Fiquei empolgada em ver esse JSK na Summer Sale da IW, mas desanimei ao perceber que não tinha em preto. Que bom que você conseguiu ^^

    1. Muito obrigada! \o/
      Eu gostei desse jsk em todas as cores haha me arrependi de não ter comprado, fiquei de pão durisse ai já viu né ;___;
      Mas até que consegui por um bom preço.

  3. Amo essa saia em ti haku, faz mesmo um formato fantástico, super flattering! O coordenado está lindo!

    E adoro o Grazia Crown, especialmente em azul (mas como você, qualquer cor me fazia feliz). Que compra maravilhosa :D

    1. Muito obrigada novamente! Receber esses comentários me deixa muito feliz pois estava realmente meio chateada com a saia ;_;

      O azul é lindo!!! Não conseguiria escolher uma primeira cor, a que apareceu primeiro foi a sortuda hahaha E também, já está vindo um jsk em azul bem forte.