segunda-feira, 6 de agosto de 2012

Pullip: Akilina (Dollte-porte Henri)

Last month I ordered the Pullip Dollte-Porte Henri. I love her hair color, make-up and outfit!

On saturday, she came home! 
Her name is Akilina. I know it's Russian but have no meaning idea, I just like the sound and thought it suited her.

I went to my grandparents' house, I love the decoration there and Aki's outfit matched everything so well I had to take her there.

Next post I am going to show her with another outfit ^^~ A more casual one

7 comentários:

  1. Awww, she's just so pretty and elegant, the shooting you made is wonderful!

  2. She is so gorgeous *__* I love everything about her!

    1. Thanks!
      Yes!! The make-up, hair color and outfit are perfect!

  3. O que mais chamou minha atenção foi o cabelo dela ser bom xD tive muito azar com a pullip Asuka que parecia um bombril ruivo ): mas esse da Akilina parece tão macio e sedoso <3