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Purchase and review post: Lolita pieces and accessories

These past days I received some parcels I would like to share with you :D

I went to "Saara", a place similar to chinatown, where you can find cheap things. 
I found this snake bracelet and two cross rings.

I ordered a Dear Celine blouse using Loli Loli paradise 's shopping service . The quality is pretty nice, the fabric has stripes what makes it more elegant. The buttons are lovely and the lace is nice too! I recommend :D Also her shopping service.

Next was the Grazia Crown from Innocent World. This is the black color, which is lovely too! Couldn't decide between blue or black (even bordeaux!) but this popped up first.
The waist bow is a brooch, the fabric is very nice and light, has back shirring and the print is beautiful!

Teja Jamilla tights on Etsy.
Her tights are hand made printed. I was reluctant to buy at first cause the price isn't the cheapest, but I thought was nice to try since her designs are amazing!

I picked the crown, coat of arms and fleur-de-lis print to match the IW dress.
The print is very well made, the tights are thick (which I think is better) and the size M fits perfectly.


Bisque Doll jsk in brown x cream from Innocent World. This print is lovely, lace is perfect, light and smooth fabric great for summer time. The belt can be removed too.

 I bought the dress from Pixie_late and she was very sweet to send me a small gift: a ring. I was very happy cause I used to have a similar one but lost it ;_;

And yesterday I received my parcel from wholesale site. Thanks to Karine, who wrote a review about the items she got, I decided to try. The things are really cheap but shipping is expensive D:
Karine, what I bought was basically the same as you! (Sorry! ;_; You have a really good taste!) 

Crown rings: The size is P, I guess, really small, but they fit one of my fingers!

Brooch: Skull brooch with rhinestones. Great size, not too big neither too small.

Bracelets: Both have a nice size.

Necklaces: I didn't notice that the cameo was green but I kinda liked it! Will match the Library dress ^^
All necklaces are beautiful and nice quality, some of the chains are slightly damaged but nothing that can be seen. The accessories were really cheap, I think the most expensive piece was the cross pendant necklace which costed 3 usd.


I am glad with my purchases :D 

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  1. Lots of amazing purchases, I love the IW dress and those tights <333 And the green necklace is also beautiful!

  2. Thanks!
    I am glad it's green XD Already have the basic black cameo...and a blue one. Green is nice too! Maybe I should get a pink...looooove cameos! XD

  3. I love all of your new purchases <3 the Bisque doll is so cute in brown *_*

    1. Yaaay!
      The brown color was my fav! I am glad I was able to find this piece! Otherwise I would buy IW's new print, very similar to bisque doll print but called dollhouse (same dress model!)

  4. Awnn que coisas lindas e maravilhosas! <3 vc sabe comprar bem hein! Whole sale...prevejo gastos hahaha!

    1. Vá guardando dinheiro pro site! hahah já vou comprar lá de novo as peças que não peguei nessa parcela!! Mês que vem!! XD

  5. Você comprou tantas coisas lindas! Vendo isso me da até vontade de usar classic!

  6. Ah! Quantas coisas lindas!

    Quando fui comprar o Grazia Crown, já havia esgotado. Eu queria o preto ou o bordô, mas acho que era o outro modelo de JSK.

    Ah, mas não se desculpe. Coisas bonitas estão aí para serem usadas. Eu sempre namoro essa pulseira de pedra vermelha e os colares, mas sempre estão esgotados quando vou comprar ¬¬

    1. Pois é! aconteceu o mesmo comigo...ficar naquela de compro-não compro...esgotou D: Mas o que vc tem é lindo!

      A pix ainda me mostrou outras coisas que ela viu...já tenho mais um carrinho pra comprar! oh céus~ haha

  7. IW's Grazia Crown goes so well with those tights & shoes - they look like they're made for each other :D

  8. Respostas
    1. Thanks!
      Internet is evil!!! I can't stop buying

  9. Excellent purchases!! So happy that you got Grazia Crown and Bisque Doll especially. They're so dreamy @_@ The printed tights look cool too! I'm thinking of maybe printing some original designs for my own use >_>

    1. The printed tights are very well made! :D She's talented!
      I am soooo glad with Grazia crown!!! Such a beautiful print <3

  10. Olá como vai?
    Espero que bem >.<
    Oh Deus, suas compras são demasiadamente amáveis! Amei principalmente os JKS ^.^
    Beijinhos e abraços

  11. Olá anaaa! Que amor todos os acessórios!! Você também teve uma overdose de compras esplêndidas! Você tem muito bom gosto!
    Eu queria um dia aprender a comprar em brands mas me limitei a conhecer somente o taobao ><"
    Esse SS que você encontrou do loli paradise tem muita coisa linda! È tudo a sua cara! Estou ansiosa para ver que looks maravilhosos irá montar!!

    Muito obrigada por lembrar de mim, eu dei foi um salto, quando você passou no meu blog, venho aqui frequentemente buscar inspirações. <3 *-*♥♥

  12. Muito obrigada pelo elogio <3
    Mas o taobao é muito bom!!!! O problema é o shopping service D:

    poxa muito obrigada!! <3 Vc é um amor!