segunda-feira, 29 de outubro de 2012

Bla bla bla random news

It has been a while since my last post~
Nothing very interesting happened. This month, I didn't wear lolita, now is getting hotter and hotter, what doesn't help at all when talking about layers...
Anyway, this is what I wore last week, normal daily outfits:

H&M hat, Calavera blouse, Zara pants, Applebottoms sneakers, Ed Hardy bag and Vivienne Westwood necklace.

Blouse print detail and Orb

This one I wore for a job interview (that, btw, I got!)

Express hat, Maria Filó top, Aüslander pants, Vivienne Westwood bag and Monderer sneakers 
I am going to work at a local brand store for Christmas' season. It'll be nice, I guess...extra money! \o/

And the view back home :D This is Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas and on the background, Corcovado mountain with Cristo Redentor's statue.
Seriously, my city is very beautiful! ;_;~

Friday I went to the hair saloon cause I couldn't take my long hair anymore. The guy cut 4 or 5 fingers and it's still LONG!

Before and after shoot
On the same day, dad came back from a business trip. He met some japanese guys and they gave him this box of german cake. 

It's made with vanilla or white chocolate, can't define...but it tastes sooooo goood!! I know there's a chocolate version too, which I had ate before.

And the japanese were so nice, they remembered my dad had a daughter and gave him this lovely mirror for me :D
It's made with Kanazawa gold leaves...GOLD LEAVES o_o
The work is amazing!! It's a technique they use for fine arts. 

On saturday I went to the shopping and a must stop place is the bookstore. I found those cool postcards set for sale. One is with some fairytales illustrations (I admit that most of them I had never heard about...gonna search!) and the other is from George Barbier, a fashion illustrator.

Fairy Tales

Barbier Fashion

Well...I never win anything on lottery games...but this time I won!! A super cute set with two tea cups :D Is from a cute local store.
I am glad I won something once ;_;

And for last, I received this today: 3 pairs of tattoo tights. They are cool! I am looking forward people's reaction on the streets XD I feel I am going to looooove their horror faces hahaha

That's all for the moment ^^

Thanks for reading and have a nice week!

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  1. Wow, your hair is so long and beautiful, I love curls! ♥ And congrats with getting the job ^^

    It's funny, in your country it's getting hotter and hotter, but here it's getting colder and colder!

    And I love the tights alot. Can't wait to see them worn with a nice outfit. Congrats with winning those pretty tea cups!

    1. Thanks! I used to don't like it much but I got used hehe

      I hope it will have a nice ambiance ^^

      YEAH! hotter and hotter ;_; GAH~ today was 35c... I hate it ;_;

  2. Your hair is so long, this is incredible! <3
    And your new tights are awesome, I wish I could get some like the middle pair someday <3

    1. Thanks!
      The middle are cute cause it's simple and I think the most real of them.