domingo, 4 de novembro de 2012

Knowing someone by their belongings

I stole this from Damïen, cause I thought was a nice kind of meme :) Thanks dear for showing us more about you ^^ 

1. My perfumes, decoration flowers and ANA + Pokemon Collaboration fan;
2. Books collection and more flowers for decoration;
3. A part of my hat collection, some bags and my mannequin with my latest purchase;
4. Boxes and a pic frame with a Paris photo taken by me;
5. Where I keep my pencils and pens;
6. Some toyarts and plushes;
7. Yorkie and owl mug;
8. My yorkie, Sol;
9. Closet. Left is lolita related and right is daily pieces (on hangers);
10. A jewelry stand on a corset shape.

9 comentários:

  1. Such great pictures from your room! I love looking at people's places, I think you know so much better about their personnalities!

    1. Yeah! And I love seeing how's people's houses and rooms around the world. How they live etc..

  2. All those flowers ♥♥ And I like that galaxy dress on the mannequin, I want to see a worn outfit of it ^^
    It's great to see these detailed photo's, it tells alot about a person!

    1. Thank you for the idea! ^^

      I must wear this dress haha since the day it got here, is on the mannequin...waiting to be worn lol poor dress~

  3. i really like this meme because it can really show little parts of your life and personality! you've inspired me to do one of my little room here too! xx

  4. que interessante! ai não fotografo meu quarto pq sou mto bagunceira haha iam achar que é um episódio de acumuladores! haha
    mas vou tentar né, de foto em foto,tirando só um pedacinho...
    essa ideia é ótima! (:

    (hj achei seu presente de natal, sua cara! hahaha!)

    1. Tira sim!! O meu ta bagunçado! Por isso tirei só de detalhes...OLHA O ESTADO DO ARMÁRIO huahaha tensoooo

      ohhh presente *3*

  5. Pikachuuuu !! Ahaha I love it ^^
    des bisous