terça-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2012

Hiatus + Loliday

So...I may be on a hiatus in December because I am working...

First day was saturday and my non working days are on sundays.

I may say the job is easy but stressfull...I need to go up and down all day, picking clothes and taking them back to the stock. Sometimes I need to help a client but I can't finish a purchase cause I am "store's assistant" and don't get commission for sold items, crap~
I also have to see what is missing on the store and find the pieces to make reposition. What else...clean the store sometimes, put things on right place, see if customers aren't stealing anything...basically this!

On sunday 23th, I must work...they are going to pay me extra for that but don't know how much. on 24th and 31st I'll have to work earlier cause shopping closes at 4pm/5pm. (my shift is 1pm/2pm till 7pm/8pm, depends). Meal ticket only on weekends and it's almost nothing (10 reais! WE CAN'T EAT NICELY WITH THIS VALUE!) Anyway...
I think I have discount on pieces, so it'll worth a bit more XD

One of the new sellers is a pain in the ass but a girl who operates the cashier and 3 others sellers are very nice to talk to. Also my boss isn;t the worst, at least she wasn't...let's see when Christmas approaches!

Now for the nice part: Saturday was Loliday but I only celebrated it on sunday with Jun and Thay. We went to Colombo at Forte de Copacabana. WAS SO DAMN HOT and I decided to wear black, nice one Ana...
Féerie was the chosen one cause it's new~ I am not satisfied with the coordinate and makeup. I am not feeling very happy with lolita these past few days. I sold my grimoire skirt (which I bought more on an impulse...) and waiting the second part of it and the second part from the Library dress. I may focus on my wishlist or print I desire the most...Now I have 6 lolita pieces (Bisque doll, grazia crown, amour d'amants, féerie, la danse de la dame and queen's coach) + boleros, shirts, accessories, bags and shoes.
I think with a small amount of main pieces we can make so many coordinates. I am trying to be careful with floral prints cause here we have "festa de são joão" and most of the dresses are with floral pattern.

AatP's new print is pretty! Unfortunately the JSK designs aren't my taste :/ IW's library dress, in that case I didn't fall in love with the print. New JetJ x Kera collab's too. The black OP is to die for! But OPs...are hard to be worn here. GAH~
I am looking for some IW's prints I missed on sale...and lighter colors for summer.

What I wore:

Jsk:Juliette et Justine
Bonnet and bag:Alice and the Pirates/BTSSB
Shoes and tights:Offbrand

Accessories:Chocomint, chinese websites, F21 and claire's

Thay and Jun

I'll survive! 

10 comentários:

  1. Se eu já estava morrendo nos 30ºC daqui, imagino como deve ter sido difícil aí. Final de ano é a época que mais tenho saudade do Japão, pois está frio e lindo com a neve.

    Adorei este Outfit, principalmente as rosas. Quebraram o preto na medida. Eu sou apaixonada por esta bolsa, sempre a cobiço XD

    1. Não queira chegar perto do Rio no verão....NUNCA! hahaha

      Obrigada! O bom é que esse vestido é preto, azul e tons de cinza, o que eu acho bem inusitado em lolita mas gosto do contrate.
      Essa bolsa eu agradeço a minha mãe haha foi ela que a agarrou na loja.

      Não sabia que você chegou a morar no Japão! ^^"

  2. Well I happen to think that outfit is amazing, love the bonnet dramatic shape and the roses!

  3. Good luck with your job dear!

    Your outfit is pure love *_* I love every details ♥♥♥

    1. Thank you so much!!! I am glad you like! Also thanks for wishing me luck...i'll need hahah

  4. Your look is so pretty, you're always te most elegant of all (lolitas in the world)!
    Too bad you're on hiatus, Ihope you will keep posting when you can <3

  5. Thank you so much Sam!! *-*
    I'll try to post always I have some time...