domingo, 9 de dezembro de 2012

I am alive!

Hi dears!
Yes...I am alive! Today I complete a week working at Maria Filó. I am enjoying it, I must say. I am having a nice experience and time ^^

Yesterday mom called when I was working to tell me I had got 3 parcels! YAY!
My Pullip Merl (aka Olenka) arrived! (with another small envelope with 1 blouse and 3 tights for dolls).
She is so cute I am totally in love!! *-*

Akilina and Olenka are twin sisters. I am still waiting a couple of blond and ginger wigs cause they aren't identical twins. Akilina will be ginger and Olenka blond ^^

The other parcel was my new book: Fashioning Japanese Subcultures. Seems pretty interesting since is a study from Kawamura, teacher at FIT, and wrote 3 other books about fashion related to sociology. I like this kind of book cause I like to study about sociology in fashion, trends, behave and streetstyle. I would love to do a course about it or a master's degree but impossible here :/

And for last...MY BEAUTIFUL FEET and HURTED FINGERS <o> Damn flats I had to wear for work....

Tomorrow I'll be resting all day!!! \o/
And today my shift will be a 7 hours instead of 6 -_-
I'll survive!

8 comentários:

  1. Outch, enjoy your rest because your poor feet really need some!

    Your dolls are so cute, now I want to take some pictures of mine :3

    And your book seems really interesting, could you do a post on it when you will have gone through it ? I'm always looking for good books about fashion and sociology too!

    1. They are much better now! hah Thanks ^^

      Do you have too? Please take!! I would love to see!

      Of course! I am still on first page cause I am so busy but I'll do my best to read more and make a review

  2. Omg I feel so sorry for your feet, hope you're okay ;_; <3

    1. Now they are ok...also bought new flats to wear for work -_-

  3. Aww your dolls look so cute together ♥ Always nice to know that your parsels have arrived when you're working ^^

    Aww poor feet, hopefully they are more rested by now!

    1. Thanks!! On 16th we are having a doll's meeting! Gonna take a bunch of pics!!

      Yes they are XD Much better! haha

  4. Com o que vc tá trabalhando na Maria Filó?

    Senti dor só de ver os seus dedos x_x E pés são sempre lindos 8D hauheuahue

    1. Estou de extra natal como auxiliar de loja (aka bombril, mil e uma utilidades XD)