domingo, 30 de dezembro de 2012

Lolita Time Line + New Year's Resolution



New Year's ResolutionEverybody is writing about 2012 was and the 2013's expectations...Why not write one as well?

2012 was...

A nice year, in the beginning.
We went to NY on February, had fun enjoying few work to do and more free time.
Unfortunately the work wasn't going well, the crazy lady hadn't payed us TILL TODAY, my grandmother had a stroke (but is MUCH better now).
I worked a bit with Styling, what I like doing, but wasn't satisfied a 100% with it cause boss was crazy too. But portfolio is getting bigger and better, also my CV.
Second semester till now, the year wasn't very good. Lots of argues with family.
Found a christmas job, which I am liking and making contacts. Discovered that Boss and I have a lot in common and that I am the most civilized worker there...So we may keep in touch after job contract's ends. The better about this job is that I GOT IT BY MY OWN! With my own efforts and qualities! Which I am really proud of.
Was a nice year for Lolita Fashion too. Wore it a lot. Sold some dresses, bought new ones, sold them again, but it's part of life. Renewing is a good thing ^^  I wore lolita on 27 days, pretty good, hun?
This year I made my application form for graduate studies in "Styling and Fashion editorial" beginning on march and I am going to study hard to be good!

2013 expectations...

What I plan doing:
.Keep a diary: a hand writing diary- People say it's nice to keep it. Read on the future and have fun;
.Find a fix job- with all the happenings, I guess I should find a decent fix paid job to have money for the future;
.Save money/buy only the necessary (daily life and lolita related)- Try to focus on my lolita wishlist or buy what I really like and want. This is also valid to my daily stuffs;
.Find fashion courser to do- I am looking websites and searching nice courses to do on Fashion business/area;
.Back to english, japanese and/or french classes- I should restart. Study for the exams and go back to Japanese before I forget it all;
.Spend less time on computer- Already doing it, with the job shift, I barely turn it on! Only 2-3 times a week;
.Read the books I bought- Bought tons of books (english, french, fashion, non-fashion related), must read at least half of them;
.Local Lolitas- Meet the local lolitas, not only from my city but country lolitas too! I don't travel a lot around here, but I'll try!

I may add more itens in a few days...well, it's a list that will grow with time!

18 comentários:

  1. Your new year resolutions seem so reasonable! I think its great that you want to get in touch with local lolitas more. I am always working for the portuguese lolita lovers to do the same.
    I love your lolita outfits this year, your clothes have been the best the lolita world has to offer!
    Have a great new years eve and best regards to the familly.

    1. We are big but since the city is also big, people leave far away from each other, plus, there's always the gossip~

      Thank you! Same to you! You are always so well dressed and ready to kill ;D

  2. Linda timeline! Manter um diário deve ser muito legal, pois há coisas pessoais que não necessariamente vc quer colocar em um blog, né? ^^

    1. obrigada!
      pois é, foi o que eu pensei, tem coisas que queremos escrever mas só pra desabafo pessoal né? Espero conseguir manter~

  3. Sempre muito linda!
    Adorei seus planos pra 2013, eu deveria me organizar melhor assim também... Principalmente o lado das finanças hehe!
    Desejo boa sorte com todas as suas metas e um feliz ano novo, por favor continue compartilhando seus lindos outfits conosco!
    Se vc for no nacional ano que vem precisarei tirar uma foto contigo! *-*
    Beijos! ^-^

    1. Obrigada! ^^

      Será que consigo cumprir essa lista hein?! HAHAHAH não lembro e fiz uma para esse ano.... se fiz, ela se perdeu! lol
      Vou me organizar para ir no nacional _o/ Nos veremos!!! YAY

  4. Que ano, hein? haha passou muito rápido!
    Espero que em 2013 possamos sair mais e mais e mais, para compensar todo tempo que perdemos quando estive em Bsb (:

    1. DEMAIS o_o

      Sairemos muitoooo e muitoooo amigaaaaaa!!! <3 Aguardo sua time line e listinha ;D

  5. You look lovely in all your outfit photos. I think you have a lovely sense of style and the it suits you really well! As for new year resolutions, i think i have a few in common with you! Especially cutting back on the lolita spending, spending more time with the local community, and spending less time on the computer! Good luck with your resolutions, and HAPPY NEW YEAR, my dear~ <3

    1. Thank you so much for your nice words! <3

      Good luck for us!! Lets see if we can manage to check, at least, these items! hehe

      Happy new year! _o/

  6. Amazing and stunning outfits, they all look so good on you ♥ I love each and every one of them! You look so beautiful! :D
    And those are some good resolutions! Enjoy your New Years Eve~

    1. Thank you so much!

      Hope I can check them! It will be like a mission! lol

      Happy new year, dear <3

  7. I love all of your outfits dear ♥♥♥ Good luck with your resolutions, I'm sure you will realize all of them *v*

  8. Você arrasou em todos, do início ao fim do ano. É sempre uma inspiração para mim :3

    Feliz Ano Novo o/

  9. I love all of them, but my favorites are classics one. You're gorgeous !