segunda-feira, 30 de abril de 2012

Coordinate Plans 2

A few new coordinate plans. Now I need to wear them...Meetings please! :D

Casual classic (1)

Casual Cassic (2)

Classic gothic-ish (1)

Classic gothic-ish (2)

Cabaret circus like

quarta-feira, 25 de abril de 2012

The hidden red blouse

I remember mom had this Zara blouse she bought 2 years ago (sale!) and never wore. 
Today she gave it to me "hey, It goes well with your lolita dresses. Yours now"
Thank you mom!
I do love this kind o fabric, I think is so elegant <3

Look how cool is the collar! And the shoulder detail


The wrist part is like this:

I am in loveeeeee! And planning to wear this with the scent of rapunzel in navy, since the print has red roses. I think will look great!

segunda-feira, 23 de abril de 2012

Italian song, lots of food and lolitas!

Yesterday we had our soooo expected meeting at "Casa de Arte e Cultura Julieta de Serpa", a famous local tea house. They always have these afternoon tea with a performance. This time was Italian Songs. (We already saw Marie Antoinette, Napoleon, The Royal Portuguese Family, Another version of Marie Antoinette and now this new one). 
The tea isn't cheap, 90 reais per person, but we ate A LOT and had fun! The place is sooo beautiful, it worth the money. Also the staffs are adorable!

What I wore:

Jsk and parasol:Alice and the Pirates
Bag and boots: Baby
Fake fur: Steve Maden
Top hat: The stone flower
Tights: H&M

Flower bracelet:Claire's
Crown bracelet: Chocomint
Cameo ring:F21
Flower ring:Accessorize
Spike ring: Claire's

Heart bracelet:Juicy Couture
Pearl bracelet:Off brand
Flower ring:Claire's
Deer ring: F21

Clock necklace:Claire's
Mini top hat:The stone flower
Skull necklace: Alice disse

These fake fur for boots are amazing! They totally transform the boots :D

Accidentally (and Luckly!) Pix and I twinned, in a certain way!


Both of us~


One of the staff guys invited us to go inside, enjoy the decoration and take some pics.
This was the entrace salon.

The second salon was some kind of living room/waiting room


First pic is Jun (Center) with her friends in a cabaret inspired outfit.

Then, the Tea Salon. The lights were blue, so all the pics are kinda bluish~

Orange or watermelon juice and water

Jams! Raspberry, apricot and orange

Group shot!

Then, the first appetizers: bread, small ham and cheese sandwich and cucumber sandwich

Finally Thay arrived~ She was a bit late, is so difficult to take a taxi on rainny days~

Big Chandelier!

Second appetizers: "Shrimp delicious", ham and cheese millefleur and chicken "empadas"

Third round: Bread and toasts

Hot chocolate or tea. The hot chocolate was soooo good <3

Ham and cheese for a sandwich

Fourth round: dry fruits bun, chocolate filled bun, croissant with cheese and brioche

Then they stopped serving because the performance was going to start. We couldn't take pics or film this time :( buuu

In the end, the artists went table by table to talk to the people and for our surprise, they remembered abut us! They are so cute :3 One of the ladies said "Isn't this fashion lolita? I remember you were here before. You are always here!", cool! Also the house owner came talk to us and complimented. Other guys came too, one told us that he wanted to see us dancing, I told I wanted to, but had no idea we could go to the "stage" and dance! Also he was like "But, do you girls like this kind of activity? Italian songs?", I answered that yes we do like! Also going to operas, ballets, we enjoy music and stuff. He was really happy to know "wow, the world has salvation, then!"

Jun, I and the staffs

After the show, they continued serving, desert!!
éclairs, other delicious things and traditional brazilian deserts.

For last, the group shot!

We had so much fun! I love going there, cause the place is truly amazing, the people are so nice! The customers are always old ladies, they are cute too!

Thanks for reading!
Hope you all have a nice week ^^