sábado, 30 de junho de 2012

Le baiser de l'ange

On 29th was the "second celebration day", I had dinner with my parents and a couple that's almost family.
I was dying to wear my new dresses and chose "Le baiser de l'ange" for a casual classic, kinda spanish, look.
I am so in love with this dress ;_;

Dress: Juliette et Justine
Shoes:Lovel Fashion
Flowers:Hand made by me

Now the food!
I ordered a tomato and mozarella salad

And shared a lemon cake with ice-cream :3

quinta-feira, 28 de junho de 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

SO, yesterday was my birthday, I am 24 now...getting old! I decided to wear lolita to celebrate, usually on my birthdays, my mood isn't the best. I think this was the first time I got dressed to celebrate the day. I tried something more casual but mixed with classic. No wig...this is my natural hair, NO BANGS! :O

Jsk:Innocent World
Bag:Urban outfiters

Shoes:Miz Mooz
Flowers:Hand made

Accessories:F21 and Claire's

Family pictures before leaving home.This is my mom, everybody thinks we look like, what makes me really happy! Also, some people ask if she is my sister lol
My dad has good genetics too :3



Since I am on a diet and didn't want to buy a whole cake or bake one, we went to Cake & co., a very nice place I have been 2 times. 

I asked for a piece of nuts pavê cake and shared it with mom. It was really tasty <3

Then, we went to my grandparents house. We visited then and my cousin with our other one (who lives in Recife and is here to visit the family) bought a cake and some other "party food".The cake! Nuts again! HAHAH Was a surprise and I love nuts!

While at my grandparents house, I received an email telling my J&J parcels were on the way home. I couldn't believe since I had no more faith on post office for several reasons! I would never imagine they would be here on my birthday! Couldn't be better!

Chibi_tenshi is a great SS, she is very professional and a nice lovely person. Look the sticker ;___; so pretty!!!

I almost cried ;___; 
Amour d'amants: The print is perfect, the fabric is perfect!!!
Le baiser de l'ange: The fabric is so light and smooth o_o 

The only problem was...I ordered both of them in February...that time I was 8 kilos fatter~ Both dresses are size 2 and now I am size 1 LOL Would never imagine I was going to loose so many weight~
Amour d'amants is HUGE on me, today I took it to the seamstress to make some bust adjusts. Le baiser de l'ange isn't THAT big, but if the tailoring is well made, I am going to take this one too. At least it has the ties to make smaller.

I also asked for some Chocomint goodies:
1)Pearl + crown chocker to match my bracelet;
2)Flower rings;
3)Cameo ring.


And I couldn't hold myself and already planned a coordinate with Le baiser de l'ange. This is just the base. SO MANY OPTIONS I CAN'T CHOSE ONE TO WEAR! Gonna wear it EVERYDAY ;___;
Sorry my excitement...this is my first J&J piece! Ok...pieces XD

sábado, 23 de junho de 2012

Cups & Co.

Ontem eu fui com a Pix na Cups & Co, perto da casa dela. Estive lá uma vez mas apenas olhei. Dessa vez eu estava no "fuck the diet day", então comi! Estavam muito bons, mas agora eu me arrependo de ter comido rs
Usar lolita em junho/julho é diferente do que nos outros meses, agora as pessoas não perguntam o horário da peça mas apenas comentam umas com as outras "Deve ser festa junina" haha É sempre engraçado.
Eu usei o Swan border print pela primeira vez. Gostei muito da estampa, Cisnes, coroas, flores de lis, arabescos e o logo da meta.

Yesterday I met Pix and we went to a Cupcake shop near her house. I have been there once but just looked. I wanted to try some, cause was "fuck the diet" day... they were good, really good but now I regret eating then ;___;
Well, wearing lolita on june/july here is a bit different from other months...now people don't ask you where and what time the play is, but they just comment to each other "must be the São João party". (if you want, google "festa de são joão brasil" to see the costumes~). It's funny...It always is.
I wore my Swan border print for the first time. I like this print a lot. Swans, crowns, fleur-de-lis, arabesques and Meta's name on it. 

Headbands: Claire's
Bolero: Romeo & Juliette
Jsk and parasol:Metamorphose
Bag:Baby the stars shine bright
Shoes:Alice and the Pirates

Necklace:Vivienne Westwood
Cameo ring:F21
Stone and crown ring:Claire's
Fleur-de-lis ring:Guess
Flower with rhinestone bracelet: Accessorize
Flower bracelet:Claire's

A cupcakeria é pequena mas simpática e agradável. Um episódio de Avenida Brasil foi gravado lá.
São muitos sabores: nozes, cereja, coco, goiabada com queijo, brownie, brigadeiro, cenoura...

The shop is small, but cute and famous. Recently, the 9'oclock "novela" did a footage there.
They had all sort of flavors, like nuts, cherry, coconut, guava and cheese, brownie, velvet, brigadeiro, carrot...

De inicio comi um pequeno de nozes e um grande de goiabada com queijo porque GOIABADA COM QUEIJO É TUDIBOM NESSA VIDA <3

I ate a small, nuts flavor and a big guava with cheese. I LOVE GUAVA WITH CHEESE! No matter what type of cheese, catupiry, cream cheese, white cheese, muzarella, mascarpone...YUMMY!

Depois...não satisfeita e influenciada pela Pix, comi um grande de coco <3 Também amoooo coisas de coco!!!

Then...not satisfied and influenced by Pix...I ate a big Coconut <3 Also love coconut things!!!

Depois de comer, fomos pra casa da Pix :D

After eating we headed to a bookshop then Pix's place.

Ela não estava linda?? <3

quarta-feira, 20 de junho de 2012


Next week is my birthday and I am already receiving my presents! lol
First was from my aunt. She gave me this awesome blouse full of pleats.

Second, Pix told me Checklist had amazing blouses with a good price, so I checked it out and endend up buying two instead of one! Both were present from my parents ^^

This has a neck bow and flower buttons. 

And this one they had in black too, but not my size...if they did, I would buy the black too XD
The dusty pink is so beautiful! Also frills on the collar and rose buttons. Gonna look great with lolita, actually, all of them!

And this I received right now: a bracelet with rhinestones and cameo in grey/blue (still can't confirm the right color...). Bought from a ebay seller.

quarta-feira, 13 de junho de 2012

Swan Border print

Yesterday I received my JSK! It's the Meta's Swan Border Print!
The print color is gray but sometimes has a blue shade, which matches perfectly with the Zara blouse, which also has a weird color lol

I couldn't wait more to plan an outfit, this was the first idea I had in mind:

Bag:Baby, the stars shine bright
Shoes and bonnet:Alice and the Pirates
Necklace:Vivienne Westwood

The dress come with three bows: 1 bigger and 2 small ones. I attached the small on the bonnet.

segunda-feira, 11 de junho de 2012

Two outfits: International online meeting and "the wizard of oz" musical

I would like to share with you my two last outfits from the weekend :)

First was for the International Online Meeting, on June 9th.

Blouse and socks:Innocent World
JSK:Alice and the Pirates
Bag: Baby the stars shine bright
Shoes: Lovely Fashion

Flower bracelets, mirror necklace, headbow, bow ring: Claire's
Heart ring:Guess
Flower and stone ring: F21

The meeting was pretty cool. Thay came over  to join, we ordered pizza for lunch and stayed online during the afternoon.

This, I wore to go out with my friends to see the brazilian version of "The Wizard of Oz". Was pretty cool! And funny. The actors are great!

Jsk:Alice and the Pirates
Headpiece: Alice ad the Piartes (I changed the flower crown for the headpiece)

Flowers:Hand made by me
Heart bracelet:Juicy Couture
All rings:F21

The stage before the play starts

During the break the stage design changed, cause it was going to start in OZ.

And presenting the actors

Ana (Pix) aka fofismos.blogspot.com, Jun and me. Thay joined us too, but she arrived on time to get inside

I had a great time! Gotta love these girls <3

Thanks for reading and hope you all have a great week ^^~