domingo, 25 de novembro de 2012

~ Rock'n'Roll, baby! ~

Took some pics from Akilina :D
I finally found the guitar I was looking for and changed her outfit for something 50's inspired (plus some punk accents~)

Hope you like ^^

sexta-feira, 23 de novembro de 2012

~ Bisque Doll for lunch ~

Today I invited Pix to have lunch with me at La Bicyclette, a café I go almost everyday with my mom and Sol (She already knows the way and keep pushing us to go there! She always get a madeleine from the waiters, they are nice!)

I wore another new item I've got: Bisque Doll. I bought it from pixie_late.
Since the day was warm, I wore my new bolero too. Another cream coordinate as you can see XD

❤ Bisque Doll ❤

Bolero and Jsk:Innocent World
Bag:Bought in Paris

Accessories: Claire's, Disney and offbrand

Picture with Sol is almost mandatory!

Took a face shoot too, makeup and hair

There, I ordered a tomato bruchetta with salad and Hibiscus cold tea. Pix ordered a sandwich with ham and cheese on ciabatta bread.

See, that's why the place is called La Bicyclette lol

Pix wore her new AP dress :)

After lunch, Pix had to go back home for her beauty appointments.
The postman left me my newest book with the doorman! WEEEEEE
Christian Lacroix and Tale of Sleeping Beauty (in portuguese).

The illustrations are to die for!! *-* Such a beautiful book!

❤ Thanks for reading! Have a nice weekend ❤

quinta-feira, 22 de novembro de 2012

~ Crowns ~

Pix and I were doing a course about japanese fashion called " Japonism: The fashion that come from Japan".
For the last day, I thought was a nice idea to wear lolita since the class subject was the "neo-japonism" or the "new fashion designers"/post-war designers such as Kenzo, Yamamoto, Kawakubo and Miyake.
Was very interesting! And the teacher liked us a lot :D She wants to introduce us to a book editor!

I received the dress a while ago but never wore.
Since the course was at night, I thought about a "low profile" outfit, casual but still classic.

❤ Grazia Crown ❤

I couldn't wait to wear my new dress and bag!! I went for a cream x white x blue coordinate. Had to change a bit on last minute cause the sun decided to say hi and screwed my outfit. (The idea was to wear a white frilly blouse instead of a bolero...).

Bolero:Alice and the Pirates
Jsk:Innocent World
Bag:Alice and the Pirates
Shoes:Secret Shop

Necklace:Juicy Couture
Accessories: Chocomint, offbrand, claire's, juicy couture and disney.

Sol, my yorkie, and I :3

❤ Thanks for reading! ❤

segunda-feira, 19 de novembro de 2012

~ Las Vegas Mood ~

Yesterday I took some pics of Akilina. 
I was feeling blue and thought playing a bit with her would cheer me up, and it did!
I tried to match playing cards, trumps and lucky chips since her loli inspired dress is trumps themes. 
Hope you will enjoy :D

You can check my FLICKR and TUMBLR for more pics from this and other photoshoots

quarta-feira, 14 de novembro de 2012

Christmas and...pullips?

Today mom had the great idea that we should decorate the christmas' tree...I admit I am not very fond of doing that cause it involves ladder and boxes....tons of boxes. Hopefully this time we decided to set the small one. But still we have tons of decoration itens.
Below, you can see the evolution:

Well, yesterday I bought a new pullip doll. It's the Merl. She is so cute and she was back in stock on pullipstyle. So I decided to buy ^^ I think her name is gonna be Olenka. (don't ask me why~)

The origin of my will to buy a new pullip is this pic's fault!
Pullip collaborates with Tokidoki! OMG! I love this! And I must have her!

domingo, 11 de novembro de 2012

Random purchases

Yesterday I went to a place called "Saara", is like Chinatown, you buy everything for cheap.
I bought some hair/brooch flowers, rose bouquets in order to make headpieces and this lovely flower pot with a bird, which I am using as a pencil display.

I bought some accessories too! A golden tiara with a small ribbon, a spiked tiara, owl bracelet, chain bracelet and cute skull pierces.

quinta-feira, 8 de novembro de 2012

Féerie Jsk

Look what I have got! 
It's the blue color an I am glad I chose this one! I was afraid it would look a bit darker than stock pic but I am in love!!

Again the fabric quality is great, nice print. I just miss some waist ties :/


Same lace design as "La danse de la dame"

And some extra pics of a quick coordinate example:

I may wear it without the long sleeved blouse cause it getting hotter and hotter ;_;

I am very very glad with my purchase! JetJ quality is great!

domingo, 4 de novembro de 2012

Knowing someone by their belongings

I stole this from Damïen, cause I thought was a nice kind of meme :) Thanks dear for showing us more about you ^^ 

1. My perfumes, decoration flowers and ANA + Pokemon Collaboration fan;
2. Books collection and more flowers for decoration;
3. A part of my hat collection, some bags and my mannequin with my latest purchase;
4. Boxes and a pic frame with a Paris photo taken by me;
5. Where I keep my pencils and pens;
6. Some toyarts and plushes;
7. Yorkie and owl mug;
8. My yorkie, Sol;
9. Closet. Left is lolita related and right is daily pieces (on hangers);
10. A jewelry stand on a corset shape.

quinta-feira, 1 de novembro de 2012

Queen's coach and Scent of Rapunzel

Pix invited me to go with her to the university she attended cause her ex professor invited her to be part of a jury for this fashion show about Japan. The designs were inspired by japanese culture (traditional or pop).
Of course we couldn't miss the chance to wear lolita ;D And I was very anxious to try out my new skirt and bolero! The millefeuille...ok was HOT but I HAD TO WEAR IT *-*

❤ Queen's coach ❤

Bolero:Innocent World
Skirt, bag and shoes:Alice and the Pirates

Bracelets: Wholesale
Rings: Chocomint and accessorize

Pix wore "Scent of Rapunzel" she bought from me. I like how she coordinated the deep blue with brown, looks great!

Us and the lovely consul 

Derp face

The Fashion show:
Some pics below...I may say some designs were nice, some good ideas well done but the majority was terrible made...SAD...


There were two categories: Commercial and "Alternative". I forgot who won the commercial but the alternative really deserved the prize!

It's a Kenjutsu/Kendo inspired outfit. Was a bolero + dress + pants. So you could wear the dress as a blouse with the pants or just a dress. Really nice. And the armour gave a nice touch.

I had fun this morning! Thanks Pix for inviting me :D

Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend!