quinta-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2013

~ Wish List ~

I am organizing my lolita wishlist so I can (or not) focus on what I should buy this year. These are only a few intems! hahah

AATP: Castle of nightmare, End of immortal Eden Jsk or Skirt, Gloria Jeanne Jsk, Tarot Card jsk, Seraphin Stained Glass Jsk, Name of the rose Jsk

AATP: Jabot blouse 
BTSSB:Twinkle journey blouse
Innocent World: Rose panel Jsk, Lauretta Rose Jsk, Boleros (Black), Cardinal Rose Jsk (GOT), Birdcage Jsk

Innocent World: Versailles Rose Jsk
Victorian Maiden: Flowers and birds Jsk with Cape
Angelic Pretty: Chiffon blouse and Bow tie with tule lace blouse
Offbrand: Twin Angel tights
Metamorphose: Crown Bouquet OP or JSK

9 comentários:

  1. Your wishlist is full of lovely things <3

  2. Eu tbm gostaria muito de um End of immortal Eden haha, esse nome é tão dramático e a print é linda <3 essas listas são uma forma ótima de organização e foco!! go go go /o/

  3. Again, great taste haku! I really want that Lauretta jsk (especially in brown) too but its usually too expensive for me even second hand. But i'd love to wear it just once.
    Thank you for sharing<3

  4. <3 so much pretty stufff Why is lolita so expensive </3

  5. Hi! I found your accidentally found your blog by searching through google images, and I have the IW Rose Basket aka Cage angel JSK in black (the dress in the bottom right corner) and am looking to sell mine! Would you be interested?