quarta-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2013

Lolita 52 Challenge - Week #7

WEEK #7- Why I wear Lolita

Why do I wear lolita? Well, when I first saw the style was around 2004/2005, was a Gothic & Lolita Bible scan, very old school pieces and Mana.
I am pretty sure these were the images, or some of them.

I liked the proposal: dolly look, with gothic accents.
Of course, I was a noob, more otaku than fashionista and did it all wrong in the beginning, this time I used to go to conventions and get dressed in "ita" (as I say now) just to have fun and pose like gothic-from-hell.
Now, lolita is for me another way to express myself. It's a disguise, makes me more confident, I made friends that I go out dressed in the style, I started going more to Tea salons, exhibitions, doing cultural programs and stuff. Got more interested by art and literature, started to read more costume and fashion books and started to care less to what other people think about me or anything related to what I am wearing.

Lolita is fun, is a play, is a game, is a runway. Is something to be broken and played with. Something that is there for us and we finish to create it. We re-criate. 

Why do I wear lolita? BECAUSE IT'S FUN!

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